T8 to T5 fluorescent adapter - DET ESA 114 series

T8 to T5 fluorescent adapter, 1. we are the NO one company who pass the strict EMC testing for T5 adapters., 2. saving energy - details see: https://www.lightinghere.com/t8-to-t5-fluorescent-adapter-10000194
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)Brand Name: DET or OEMModel Number: DET ESA 114 seriesStyle: Electronic
Matched Tube: T5Power Factor Compensation: Activeenergy saving adapter: light accessories 
T8 to T5 fluorescent adapter
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T8 to T5 fluorescent adapter


Easy installation

Replace the old daylight lamp tube by T5 lamps easily, without changing any original circuit

Energy saving

35%-50% energy saved, reduce the line loss and improve grid efficiency effectively

High brightness

Output of T5/28W Flux is 2600Lm which is 12% brighter than T8/40W. (Output of T8/40W Flux is 2300Lm)

Good lighting effect

Made of trichromatic phosphors, low brightness declines, high CRI

High working frequency

>25KHz, no flicker, quick start-up, no noise,better vision protection.

Special technical design

PBT outer-shell flame retardant material

Important electroytic capacitor and transistir elements with longer life-span

SMT chip technology, steady performance, artistic workmanship

Unique temperature control equipment auto power off when over 125 °C, aviod fire disaster

Technical index

Operating temperature:-25-+50°C

Life-span:30,000 hours

Certificate:IEC60968, IEC60969,IEC61000-3-3,IEC61000-3-2,GB7000.10-1999,GB/T17263-2002

Suitable for

Factories, school, shopping malls.office, hospitals, underground car parks, railway stations, tunnels.

Product modelVoltTube ModelWattAverage Life-spanPFTHDReplace T8 tubeQuantity (pcs/ctn)
DETESA114-T5AC220V50/60Hz1´14W T5FTL12W30,000h³0.95£20%18W(L590mm/2ft)100
DETESA121-T5AC220C50/60Hz1´21W T5FTL19W30,000h³0.95£20%30W(L895mm/3ft)100
DETESA128-T5AC220C50/60Hz1´28W T5FTL25W30,000h³0.99£15%36W(L1200mm/4ft)100
DETESA135-T5AC220C50/60Hz1´35W T5FTL32W30,000h³0.99£15%58W(L1500mm/5ft)100

The economic benefit of T5 when replace T8

T5 saved 42% energy

Power consumption of DET-128 high-performance adapter in 1 year:


Power consumption of T8/36W inductive flurescent lamp in 1year:


Assumed the average price of industrial is RMB1.00/kw

The comparision between T8 and T5

itemT8/36W inductive fluorescentT5/28W fluorescent lightremarks
wattActual power is 43w,if operated 24hrs a day,30 days needs 30.96kwh per tubeActual power is 25w,if operated 24hrs a day,30days needs only 18.0kwh per tubeUnder same circumstances,T5 saves about 12.96kwh per month per tube
Lighting effectsCRI:Ra£65

Dimmer light

With colour deviation


Using tricolor,similar tinting

Effect with natural light

Can tell the differences with naked eyes
Life-spanAbout 5,000 hoursNot less than 30,000 hoursT5 is more than 4times longer span
othersOperated frequency is 50Hz,easily lead to human visual fatigue and decreased visionNo flicker,similar as natural light and no visual fatigueCan tell the differences with naked eyes
Noisy and generate great heatNo noise pollution,basically with no heatCam feel it easily
6-9mg mercury content,cause environmental pollution and radiation3mg mercury content,nearly no pollution and radiationGreen environment
Short duration of lighting.it will decline after 3 monthsLight decline appears at least 1 year afterThe T5 Flux output is above 85% after 10,000 hours


When transform wlwctronic lamp ballasts,you have to remove all the T8 lamp stand,ballast and wires,etc.the transformed effect will be better if you use dedicated DET T8 connecting wire,therefore the performance will also be more stable and the life-span of the entire lamp can also be extended.

Packaging Detail:100PCS / ctn
Delivery Detail:15days -20days

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