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Product Categories
3000W Sky Rose Outdoor Search Light
3000W Sky Rose Outdoor Search Light
1.Outdoor Search Light
2.High quality and super brightness
3.Long life
pixel led bulb ball style with screw (mm)
DC 12v LED bulb
diameter 26mm
PVC housing
led neon waterproof strip light
LED Strip light:
2,Environment friendly
3,Maintenance free,easy installation
4,Warranty:2 years
christmas paper star lamp shade
2.OEM is acceptable,
3. >1800 kinds products
4. Landscape and Holiday light
5.High Volotag and Low Voltage is ok
RBGdecorating light led strip
waterproof or non waterproof as you choose design price apply to many fields
3.imagic and changeable
MIC led landscape light bulb 12v
1.Dimmable by triac dimmer
2.Wide voltage:100-240V
3.High lumen:90-100lm/W
4.Excellent heat dissipation
5.CE,RoHS certified