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Product Categories
1w 660nm high power led
1W 660nm Red Power LED
Color: white
Input voltage: 2.0~2.3V
Wavelength:660 nm
60 pcs high power motion sensor led solar light
solar light
60 pcs led, 5pcs of 900mAh Ni-MH batteries
solar powered outdoor powerful LED solar security light
Security light
1.700lm Security light
2.15 Day lighting time Security light
3.Replaceable battery IP65 Security light
Solar powered led marine navigation light (For Ships,Barges,Yacht,Buoys,Tugboat,towboat,tug)
1.marine navigation light
2.Visibility range:2-3.5 nm
4.For port 112.5,starboard,stern135,masthead
FL-201 Mirror Ball
Mirror sticked by good glue /Cubic reflecion/Star flash
led smoke machine 21 x 3w rgb leds
led smoke machine 21 x 3w rgb leds
1. 21x3w rgb leds
2. immediate-stop
3. the spray height can reach 6 meters

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