Super slim,18months warranty,12V/35W,AC,hid ballast - World-SB ballast

high quality hid ballast:, 1:V in:9-32V, 2:V norm:12.8V, 3:Wattage:35W, 4:Size:7*6.2*1.2cm - details see:
Place of Origin: Guangdong China (Mainland)Brand Name: WorldModel Number: World-SB ballastStyle: Electronic
Usage: High Intensity DischargeMatched Tube: OtherPower Factor Compensation: Activedefective rate: within 0.1%
Wattage: AC 35W or 55WSize: 7*6.2*1.2cmStarting voltage: 23000VWarranty: 18 months dated from shippment
Efficiency: ≥83%Certificate: CE/ROHSOutput frequency: 260Hz-280HzInput voltage: DC9V-16V
Output voltage: AC85V±15V   
Super slim,18months warranty,12V/35W,AC,hid ballast
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High quality hid ballast:

1.Technical data:

1)Input Voltage Range DC9V~16V
2)Typical Operating Voltage DC12.8V
3)Typical Input Current 3.2A, Condition: DC 12.8V Input
4)Max. Inrush Current 30A
5)Output Power 33W±2W(Constant Power)
6)Output voltage AC85V±15V (Square Pulse, RMS70V~100V)
7)Output Frequency 260Hz~280Hz
8)Efficiency: ≥83%, Condition:
9)Ignition pulse Typical peak Voltage 23kV
10)Typical duration 1s
11)Cooling method Natural cooling
12)Input Protections Under voltage protection at 6V±1V,Over voltage protection at 18V±1V,Input connection-reverse protection
13)Output Protections Short circuit protection between two outputs,Open circuit protection between two outputs
Operating temperature -30°C~+ 85°C
Storage temperature -40°C~+95°C

14)24V SB ballast is also available.

15)The ballast matches lamps as H1, H3, H4, H4 (H/L), H7, H8, H9, H10, H11, H13, 9004, 9005, 9006, 9007, 880, 881

16)We offfer 18months warranty for our best quality slim ballast

Our ballast is developed according to the xenon bulb features,and we do the six strict testing for it.

Light distribution,opthalmic test,aging,matching,precipitate andstrike a light.

Didfferent components between World-SB Ballast and other company's ballast:

1.Our high voltage bage have 4layers.It can do 2300V-4000V high voltage start.Low quality high voltage bag do

≤2000V voltage.After using some days,the start voltage will decrease to 1800V.When the voltage lower than 1800V,the ballast can't light up the hid bulb.Our high voltage bag response fastest.

2.Imported IR MOS tube.It can offer stable voltage.Low quality MOS tube,due to the voltage and wattage didn't match,after using some days,it will loss and burnt.

3.USA AMP connector

4. Janpanred rubycapacitance,125 degrees.Other company's 105 degrees.12 degrees capacitance can stand high temperature.

The higher rank component,the higher efficiency and emitting small heat.

2:Warning notice:

1)Do not attempt to handle or operate an electronic power supply (EPS) and ignitor before completely reading and

understanding this notice. Contact WAL if you are uncertain of characteristics of these devices.

2)The ignitor produces starting voltages of up to 23kV and electromagnetic radiation interference, which are hazardous to personnel and sensitive instrumentation. Do not touch any conductive parts during operation.

3)Both electronic lamp ballast and ingnitor must never be installed or operated in an explosive or volatile atmosphere.Never use the ballast or ignitor near flammable gases or liquids. See that there will be no moisture, dust or similar which could lead to short circuits or fire.

4)Before using the ballast or ignitor in any kind of outdoor application you have to take additional measures and

observe special requirements. If you uncertain, contact WAL.

5)No potential isolation is provided between line input and output. Accidentally grounding of an output terminal by

direct contact or arcing to GND can damage the unit (no warranty replacement).

6)All installation and repair work on this unit is only permitted by qualified personnel.

7)Please provide sufficient cooling condition for EPS and ignitor.

8)WAL does not assume liability for disregarding of this notice, incorrect use of the EPS and ignitor or disregarding

of any legal requirements. This product is subject to technical changes without prior notice.

3:Ballast Function:

A. Overvoltage Protection

B. Short Circuit Protection

C. Undervoltage Protection

D. Overcurrent Protection

E. Circuit Protection

F. Waterproof, Anti-dust, Shockproof

4:The difference between the AC ballast and DC ballast:

1.DC ballast has less 4 MOS tube than AC ballast.Then it has simplify part of control circuit and save the cost.But without the 4 mos tubes,the ballast will be easily to be burnt.

2.The DC ballast output is direct current,no need frequency conversion.DC ballast has less 4 MOS,then then it will be easily to burnt.

3.DC ballast matched with DC hid lamp.If we use AC hid lamp on DC ballast,the AC hid lamp will be burnt easily.

4.DC ballast is not easily to be defective,but for the hid lamp,the life span will be shorter.

5.For the DC ballast,now the common problem is hid lamp flicker.Now the technology is limited,it hasn't been resolved yet.

6.Some HID use direct current(DC),the life span is short.Because the electrode has been attacked continuely.Some days passed,it will lead to the electrode igloss.It will decrease the electrode life span obviously.Using AC,the high speed plus ion attack the 2 elecrode well-proportioned.It will prolong the hid life span virtually.Another advantage is the electrode temperature has low temperature under AC.Because the cathode and anode exchage about 400 times per second(The electrode of DC is always anode).Then the two electrode share the heat in turn.

There are other news say the voltaic arc can be kept better.

DC ballast,components is less,high frenquency,≥300hz,can't stand shake!!!

Packaging Detail:white box and master carton(50pcs per carton),OEM packing
Delivery Detail:about 3 to 5 days once it confirmed

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