G24 to E27 adapter - 2 PIN G24 to E27 lampholder converter

2 pins or 4 pins G24,Using inflaming retarding PBT,good quality, after-sale service,Allows use E26/E27 lamp in G24 Socket - details see: https://www.lightinghere.com/g24-to-e27-adapter-10000199
Place of Origin: Guangdong China (Mainland)Brand Name: MelodyModel Number: 2 PIN G24 to E27 lampholder converterMaterial: Plastic
Certification: CEStyle: converterFuction: converterPlastic Materials: Flame retardant PBT
Size: D38xH64.5mmcolor: whiteitem: 2pin G24 to E27 adapter 
G24 to E27 adapter
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G24 to E27 adapter , g24 base to e27 converter

G24 to E27 converter

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G24 to E27 adapter converter
2 pins or 4 pins
1.Fireproof PBT
2.CE certified
3.Lamp socket base adaptor


G24 (standard base) to E26/E27 ADAPTER
Allows use of a E26/E27 light bulb in a G24 socket.
Single Circuit - not for 3-ways bulbs
Material: Fireproof PBT, aluminium screw shell E27, copper g24 pins
Weight: 25.3g
Rated Voltage:120V 220V
Heat-resistance Temperature: 165 Deg C
CE Approved
G24-E27Body Material: Flame retardant PBT
Contact Material: Copper
G24-E27Body Material: Flame retardant PBT
Contact Material: Copper
MaterialBody Material: Flame retardant PBT
Contact Material: Copper

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37,G24 to E27 lampholder adapter

38. 5A-15A, 250V-600V

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These adapters have been popularly exported to many countries,

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Packaging Detail:Neutral carton
Delivery Detail:10-25days

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