Ferrite single winding Ballast Transformer

Specification, 1. Customized Transformer, 2. Small Transformer, 3. ROHS Compliant, 4. Good Quality - details see: https://www.lightinghere.com/ferrite-single-winding-ballast-transformer-10000372
Place of Origin: Uttar Pradesh IndiaBrand Name: PNG  
Ferrite single winding Ballast Transformer
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Product Description

Ferritecore power transformers are widely used inswitched-mode power supplies(SMPSs). The powder core enables high-frequency operation, and hence much smaller size-to-power ratio than laminated-iron transformers.

Ferrite transformers are not used as power transformers at mains frequency since laminated iron cores cost less than an equivalent ferrite core.

Ferrite-core transformers are widely used inintermediate frequency(IF) stages insuperheterodyneradio receivers. They are mostly tuned transformers, containing a threaded ferrite slug that is screwed in or out to adjust IF tuning. The transformers are usually canned (shielded) for stability and to reduce interference.

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