electronic ballast - ADL-LS35-400

This product is used for road lingting energy saving system,which can save energy by 40%-65% - details see: https://www.lightinghere.com/electronic-ballast-10000457
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)Brand Name: ADLModel Number: ADL-LS35-400Style: Electronic, Electronic
Usage: High Pressure SodiumMatched Tube: OtherPower Factor Compensation: OtherRate Voltage: 220V
Warranty.: 3 yearsApplication: Outdoor lightingWork tempeture: -25°C~+65°CTransport tempeture and store tempeture: -40°C~+70°C
Work humidity: 0%-90%Transport humidity and store humidity: 0-95%Outsize: 200 mm*120mm*70mm 
electronic ballast
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Product Picture:

Product introduction:

Our company is a professional R&D manufacturer in high power electronic ballasts with stable performance. E-ballast can use to MH and HPS lamp from 35W,70W 100W,150W,250W and 400W.

This product is composed of digital energy-saving rectifier and embedded chip control software, according to the current line voltage change and road conditions, the national road lighting standard to build data model, points section of period of time according to the requirements of the custom, through the chip software to realize precise lighting services, energy-saving rate of 40% to 65%.

Performance characteristics:
1. Improve the quality of electric power, power factor above 0.99;
2. The energy efficiency factor to achieve high pressure sodium lamp with digital ballast energy-saving evaluation value;
3. The constant power output, Gao Liuming coefficient, combined with high photosynthetic efficiency to use more energy efficient bulb;
4. Take the dimming function model for multistage power control, according to the requirements to achieve accurate lighting services;
5. The chip protocol interface and the smart grid, smart grid is the terminal device;
6. Lightning resistance and other bad environment, high reliability, long service life.

1.Technical spacification


The rated




The biggest






The ignition


IDL-LS400 DT220V/50HZ4101.90.99175-2654
IDL-LS250 DT220V/50HZ2601.20.99175-2654
IDL-LS150 DT220V/50HZ1550.70.99175-2654
IDL-LS100 DT220V/50HZ1050.50.99175-2654
IDL-LS70 DT220V/50HZ750.350.99175-2654
IDL-LS35 DT220V/50HZ400.200.99175-2654

1. Note: type "DT" on behalf of the timing of the dimming function, working principle of single chip microcomputer according to the setting time of output light signal, multilevel power control, realizing the accurate lighting services; No "DT" letter of the model for the common constant power output of the rectifier.

2.The environment

2.1 The temperature
2.1.1 working temperature of ballast capacity using the environment temperature is 25 °C ~ + 65 °C.

2.1.2 ballast transport transport and storage temperature and storage temperature requirements - 40 °C ~ + 70 °C.

2.2 The humidity
2.2.1 work humidity ballast using the environment humidity requirement is 0% - 90%.
2.2.2 ballast should be able to withstand transportation and storage humidity environment relative humidity is 0% to 90%.

2.3 The surface temperature rise
2.3.1 The environment temperature is 25 °C, the input voltage of 220 v, ballast surface temperature is 25 °C.

3.Physical parameters

3.1 Outsize: 165 mm x 100 mm x 50 mm, color: silver
3.2 Weight: 3.2 Kg
3.3 Maximum temperature 25 °C
3.4 The shell material: aluminum
3.5 Input line length: 70 cm
3.6 The output line length: 25 cm

4.The characteristics and application scope

4.1 Features
* Energy saving
*High Lumen output
* No noise, no stroboscopic
* Low starting current
* Low maintenance costs

4.2 Application range

Road lighting, tunnel lighting, factory, stadium.

5.Our factory and certification

5.1.Our factory

5.2.Our certification

Packaging Detail:Wooden cabinet
Delivery Detail:7~20days after you 30%T/T

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