Digital Electronic Grow light ballast - HPS150B

Extremely efficient-high power factor >0.99, All-round energy conservation - 30% - details see:
Place of Origin: Jiangsu China (Mainland)Model Number: HPS150BStyle: ElectronicUsage: High Pressure Sodium
Matched Tube: 150W HPSPower Factor Compensation: Withoutsilver: high power factor 
Digital Electronic Grow light ballast
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Digital Electronic Grow Light Ballast

-Extremely efficient - High power Factor > 0.99

-All-round energy conservation-30%

-Brighter- Up to 20% more lumen output, lumen output loss over time dramatically less than with magnetic ballasts

-Longer bulb life-Constant power output and soft-start enables lamp life 3-4 times that of magnetic ballast.

-Multiple Protection, ensuring stable operation

-Heat sink technology- no fans to break down and make noise

-Extremely tolerant of main voltage fluctuations

-Flicker free+Quiet-Completely silent

-Small+Lightweight- easy to install and maintain, and less expensive to ship.

AC Voltage Range: 170-265V

Ambient Temp Range: -25 to 50

Case Temp. Rise:<28

Multiple Protection: Over Current Protection B, Short-Circuit Protection B, No-Load Protection B

Over-/Under-voltage protection B, Last-phase Turn-Off Protection B

Packaging Detail:CTNS
Delivery Detail:25 days

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