2x18w 218 2x30w 230 2x36w 236 2x58w 258 electronic ballast - T8

T5 T8 Electronic ballasts, 1-Input Voltage 110V/220V,, 2-4W to 80W available, 3-used by normal fluorescent tubes, Circular lamp - details see: https://www.lightinghere.com/2x18w-218-2x30w-230-2x36w-236-2x58w-258-electronic-ballast-10000733
Place of Origin: Zhejiang China (Mainland)Brand Name: 3AAAModel Number: T8Style: Electronic
Usage: tubesMatched Tube: T5 T8 T9 etc..Power Factor Compensation: ActiveElectronic Ballasts: T8 Electronic Ballast
Watts: 18w 30w 36w 58w etcVoltage: 220-240VWaranty: 2 years 
2x18w 218 2x30w 230 2x36w 236 2x58w 258 electronic ballast
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2x18w 218 2x30w 230 2x36w 236 2x58w 258 electronic ballast

T8 Electronic Ballasts 18w 30w 36w 58w T5 electronic ballast

Safety Requirements
Marking IEC/EN 61347-1GB19510.1
Protection against contact with live parts IEC/EN 61347-1GB19510.1
Terminals IEC/EN 61347-1GB19510.1
Provisions for earthing IEC/EN 61347-1GB19510.1
Moistureresistance and insulation IEC/EN 61347-1GB19510.1
Dielectric strength IEC/EN 61347-1GB19510.1
Fault conditions IEC/EN 61347-1GB19510.1
Protection of associated components IEC/EN 61347-2-3GB19510.4
Abnormal conditions IEC/EN 61347-2-3GB19510.4
Creepage distances and clearances IEC/EN 61347-1GB19510.1
Screws,current-carring parts and connections IEC/EN 61347-1GB19510.1
Resistance to heat, fire and tracking IEC/EN 61347-1GB19510.1
Resistance to corrosion IEC/EN 61347-1GB19510.1
Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)
Limits for harmonic current emissions IEC/EN 61000-3-2GB17625.1
Limits and methods of measurement of radio IEC/EN 55015GB17743
disturbance characteristics of electrical lighting
and similar equipment
Equipment for general lighting purpose-EMC IEC/EN61547GB/T18595
Immunity requirements
Installation and Wiring
Terminals Push-in type with test contact
Cross section of wires (mm²)(any lead) 0.5~1.0mm2
Max. allowed lamp cable length (m) 1.5m
Min distance ballast to ballast (cm) 5cm
Cautions when installing the electronic ballast
Please choose appropriate wires which is with Safety Mark Approval and in the range of dimension stated on the label to connect with the input and out put terminals of the ballast.
Please choose the lamp(s) according to the types
Please correctly connect the wire to the ballast according to the label stated and double confirm the connection is correct before lamp start working.
Norminal Voltage is stated on the label. Please double confirm before usage.
Electronic ballast must be grounded for safety reason.
Must connect the output terminal before the input terminal when endurance test preventing short circuit which cause ballast damaged.
It is forbiden for lamp fixture to share the same cable with the high power equipments during installing which may cause ballast broken because of high surge current.
Please make sure ballast is working under stated environmental conditions especially ambient temperature and tc.max.
Packaging Detail:Export standard package.
Delivery Detail:Within 25 working days

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