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1.Wide input voltage range, 2.Embedded technical grade MCU, 3.Double loop control - details see: https://www.lightinghere.com/18w-12-24v-dc-low-pressure-sodium-lamp-electronic-ballast-2014-pv-products-10000537
Place of Origin: Anhui China (Mainland)Brand Name: JNModel Number: LVStyle: Electronic
Usage: low pressure sodium lampcolor: black  
18W 12/24V DC low pressure sodium lamp electronic ballast 2014 PV Products
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SUMMARY: This manual applies to the following types of DC low-pressure sodium lamp electronic ballast. "-S" means the solar charge control module is integrated in the machine:

LV12/2418 LV12/2426 LV12/2435 LV12/2436 LV12/2455 LV12/2466 LV12/2491

LV12/2418-S LV12/2426-S LV12/2435-S LV12/2436-S LV12/2455-S LV12/2466-S LV12/2491-S

LV series DC low pressure sodium lamp electronic ballast, designed for the system of solar street lamps and solar/wind hybrid street lamps, is a new generation of green lighting product adopting many innovative techniques. It is suitable for 12V or 24V DC power supply system. With all protection functions and light/time control function of the solar street lamp controller, it has integrated the controller in the ballast to realize easy installation and complete protection. The ballast can also prolong the lamp lifetime and improve the light efficiency, which ensure its use under bad condition. In all kinds of light products at present, the low sodium lamp has the highest light efficiency. It can overcome the problems of low lightness and high costs. Thus, it can be widely used in the field of street, public construction and city lighting.


1.Wide input voltage range; compatible with systems of different capacity; temperature compensation function

2. Low current coefficient, 99% symmetrical output wave

3. Embedded technical grade MCU, intellectual control

4. Double loop control, constant output power

5. Complete protection: open circuit, under/over voltage, over current, input reverse

6. Adopting frequency conversion technique and PWM&PFM hybrid control to get rid of acoustic resonance

7. Particular ignition circuit, intellectual ignition function

8. Up to 20m of wire be connected to output, easy installation and maintenance

9. Excellent cooling effect, operating temperature up to 50°C

Time Set: The light/time control works as following: light on as sunset →light off as the first timer overflow→light on as the second timer overflow→lighting off as sunrise. Press the SET button and the on-time setting will be activated. The 4 LED mean 8, 4, 2 and 1 from top to bottom. Adding the numbers behaved by the lighting LED together will produce the on-time for the load lamp. Based on this, each press will increase the on-time by 1 hour. The maximum on-time will be 15 hours. After finishing setting the on-time, wait for 5 seconds and the off-time setting will be then activated. Here, the top two LED and the bottom two LED will light alternately. Operate as the method above to set. At last the time setting will be valid after 5 second of no operation.


1. Check the voltage and capacity of system before installation.

2. Pay attention to high voltage isolation when installing the lamp. Ensure the polarity of positive and negative is not reversed when installing the batteries and the solar panels.

3. Please use the 5KV cable whose sectional area is larger than 0.5mm2 to connect ballast with lamp! It’s dangerous to touch the output terminal with high voltage. Better cover the cable with cotton varnished sleeve.

4. If solar panel is reversed, just correct it and the product will work normally. If the battery is reversed, the fuse will blow. Please replace it. The accessory is the fuse. The specification of the fuse used by integrated machine is 15A, ballast ids 10A.

5. Please forgive it if this document is a little different from the product for the sake of upgrading!

Packaging Detail:Carton,box,plywood box and so on
Delivery Detail:7 to 10 days for sample ,15 to 30 days for large orders

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