120-277V 4 Lamp T8 Electronic Ballast - TBE-135FS/235FS/126FW/34CFW...

1.Electronic Fluorescent Ballasts,50/60Hz,PF>0.99,THD<10%, 2.100V,110V,120V,127V,220V,230V,240V,277V,347V, 3.UL,CUL,FCC,CE,ROHS - details see: https://www.lightinghere.com/120-277v-4-lamp-t8-electronic-ballast-10000347
Place of Origin: Guangdong China (Mainland)Brand Name: TEYUANModel Number: TBE-135FS/235FS/126FW/34CFW...Style: Electronic
Usage: FluorescentMatched Tube: T8,T5,T4,T2,T9,T10,T12, uv lamp, plPower Factor Compensation: ActiveWarranty: 3 years/ 5 years
Service: OEM Service Offered, Design Service Offered, Buyer Label Offered   
120-277V 4 Lamp T8 Electronic Ballast
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Product Name

120-277V 4 Lamp T8 Electronic Ballast


- UL listed

- CUL listed

- FCCcertified

- CE certified

- ROHS certified

Electrical Characteristics

- Starting Method: Instant Start/Rapid Start
- Sound Rated: A
- O.C.V:600V

- No PCB'S

- TYPE 1 Outdoor

- Class P

- EEI=A2

-Ambient Temperature (Ta), -15°C-50°C

- Max Case Temperature (Tc), 75°C

- Protective Function

-Over input-current protection circuit

-Over input-voltage protection circuit

-Abnormal output protection circuit

-End of lamp life protection circuit

- Active Power Factor Correction

- High luminous efficacy

- Virtually eliminates lamp flicker

- Warranty Period: Three Years

1. For T8, T5, T4, T2, T9, T10, T12 Linear Fluorescent Lamps (1/2/3/4 Lamps)

a) T8 Linear Fluorescent Lamps Ballasts
1x 10w/15w/17w/18w/20w/25w/30w/32w/36w/40w/58w/70w
2x 10w/15w/17w/18w/20w/25w/30w/32w/36w/40w/58w/70w
3x 10w/15w/17w/18w/20w/25w/30w/32w/36w/40w/58w
4x 10w/15w/17w/18w/20w/25w/30w/32w/36w/40w/58w

b) T5 Linear Fluorescent Lamps Ballasts
1x 4w/6w/8w/13w/14w/18w/21w/24w/28w/31w/35w/39w/49w/54w/80w
2x 4w/6w/8w/13w/14w/18w/21w/24w/28w/31w/35w/39w/49w/54w/80w
3x 4w/6w/8w/13w/14w/18w/21w/24w/28w/31w/35w/39w/49w/54w
4x 4w/6w/8w/13w/14w/18w/21w/24w/28w/31w/35w/39w/49w/54w

c) T12, T10 Linear Fluorescent Lamps Ballasts
1x 20w/32w/40w/55w/96w
2x 20w/32w/40w/96w
3x 20w/32w/40w
4x 20w/32w/40w

d) T4 Linear Fluorescent Lamps Ballasts
1x 8w/12w/16w/20w/22w/24w/26w/28w
2x 8w/12w/16w/20w/22w/24w/26w/28w
3x 8w/12w/16w/20w/22w/24w/26w/28w
4x 8w/12w/16w/20w/22w/24w/26w/28w

e) T2 Linear Fluorescent Lamps Ballasts
1x 6w/13w
2x 6w/13w
3x 6w/13w
4x 6w/13w
5/6/7/8/9/10x 6w

2. For PL-C, PL-L, PL-T, CFM, CFQ, CFL Lamps (1/2/3/4 Lamps)

a) PL-L, CFM lamps Ballasts
1x 7w/9w/11w/18w/24w/27w/34w/36w/40w/55w
2x 7w/9w/11w/18w/24w/27w/34w/36w/40w/55w
3x 7w/9w/11w/18w/24w/27w/34w/36w/40w/55w
4x 7w/9w/11w/18w/24w/27w/34w/36w/40w/55w

b) PL-C, PL-T lamps Ballasts
1x 8w/9w/13w/18w/26w/32w/42w/57w/70w
2x 8w/9w/13w/18w/26w/32w/42w/57w/70w
3x 8w/9w/13w/18w/26w/32w/42w/57w
4x 8w/9w/13w/18w/26w/32w/42w/57w

3. For Circline, 2D Lamps (1/2/3/4 Lamps)

a) Circline Lamps Ballasts
1x 22w/32w/40w/55w/58w/65w/75w

2x 22w/32w/40w/55w/58w/65w/75w

3x 22w/32w/40w/55w/58w

4x 22w/32w/40w/55w/58w

b) 2D Lamps Ballasts
1x 10w/16w/21w/28w/38w/55w
2x 10w/16w/21w/28w/38w/55w
3x 10w/16w/21w/28w/38w/55w
4x 10w/16w/21w/28w/38w/55w

4. For UV Lamps(1/2/3/4 Lamps)

a) UV Lamps Ballasts
1x 8w/11w/20w/32w/36w/40w/65w/75w/120w
2x 8w/11w/20w/32w/36w/40w/65w/75w
3x 8w/11w/20w/32w/36w/40w
4x 8w/11w/20w/32w/36w/40w

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Product Details:

Quality control

Factory Overview

Packaging information

We can make our products to fit various line voltage, frequency,environment and luminaries as per the customer's requests.

Please feel free to contact us if any queries.

Packaging Detail:Carton box package / Tan five layers
Delivery Detail:5-25 Days depends on quantity

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