Electronic ballast for T5 lamp (2x49W) - 2x49W T5 electronic ballast

Top quality IC design preheating electronic ballast T5 2x49W, life=50000hrs, EOL protection, EEI=A2 - details see: https://www.lightinghere.com/electronic-ballast-for-t5-lamp-2x49w-10000576
Place of Origin: Guangdong China (Mainland)Brand Name: V&GModel Number: 2x49W T5 electronic ballastStyle: Electronic
Usage: T5 fluorescent tubeMatched Tube: T5Power Factor Compensation: ActiveIC brand 01: IR 2520
IC brand 02: ST 6562   
Electronic ballast for T5 lamp (2x49W)
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top quality IC design preheating electronic ballast T5 2x49W

We are manufacturing high quality (with IC Design and PFC) and long life(50,000hrs) T8/T5 Electronic Ballast to Matching our high quality 20,000hrs(T5) and 24,000hrs(T5) and 40,000hrs(T5) and 55,000hrs(T8) fluorescent tube.

The24,000hrs(T5) and 40,000hrs(T5) and 55,000hrs(T8) fluorescent tube are made in Germany.

Product Features

- IC design with PFC

- Preheat start, no flicker, no noise, stable performance.
- Life span of the ballast is 50,000 hours at ta temperature rang.
- End of life(EOL) protection.
- EEI=A2

The ballast can meet the standard below:

Harmonic requirements: EN61000-3-2 EN61000-3-3
Safety standard:EN61347-2-3
EMC Immumity:EN61547 EMC

ProductLamp typeUn(V)Fn(Hz)In(A)PFta (degree C.)(tc)
Dimension L×W×W mm
KT54×14WT034×14W T5120-24050/600.46/0.230.99-15~+5075300×31×31
KT51×21WT031×21W T5120-24050/600.175/0.0870.99-15~+5075300×31×31
KT51×28WT031×28W T5120-24050/600.23/0.1160.99-15~+5075300×31×31
KT51×35WT031×35W T5120-24050/600.29/0.1450.99-15~+5075300×31×31
KT51×39WT031×39W T5120-24050/600.325/0.160.99-15~+5075300×31×31
KT51×49WT031×49W T5120-24050/600.4/0.20.99-15~+5075300×31×31
KT51×54WT031×54W T5120-24050/600.45/0.2250.99-15~+5075300×31×31
KT52×21WT032×21W T5120-24050/600.35/0.1750.99-15~+5075300×31×31
KT52×28WT032×28W T5120-24050/600.46/0.230.99-15~+5075300×31×31
KT52×35WT032×35W T5120-24050/600.58/0.290.99-15~+5075300×31×31
KT52×39WT032×39W T5120-24050/600.65/0.3250.99-15~+5075300×31×31
KT52×49WT032×49W T5120-24050/600.8/0.40.99-15~+5075300×31×31
KT52×54WT032×54W T5120-24050/600.9/0.450.99-15~+5075300×31×31
Packaging Detail:standard export packaging or OEM designing
Delivery Detail:4 weeks after advance payment

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