induction light ballast - YLS-3122

1.induction light ballast, 2.lifespan: 100,000 hours, 3.lumen :80lm/w, 4.wattage 80W -400W, 5.power factor 0.99 - details see:
Place of Origin: Jiangsu China (Mainland)Brand Name: E.LModel Number: YLS-3122Style: Electronic
Usage: High Intensity DischargeMatched Tube: T5Power Factor Compensation: WithoutPower Supply: AC
Applycation: All placeLampshade Material: Toughened GlassLighting Bulbs & Tube: Energy SavingType: Induction lamps
CRI: >80Ralifespan:: 100,000 hourslumen: ≥80lm/wpower factor: > 0.99
Voltage:: 90V-277V   
induction light ballast
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There are many applications where Induction Lighting/induction lamp
is a superior option.

Applications with High Potential forInduction Lighting/induction lamp400w induction5 year warrantyairport light

  • In hard-to-reach locations that make maintenance costs high, such as street lighting and tunnels, or in high ceilings where there is continuous operation, such as hotel rotundas
  • Cold environments, such as supermarket walk-in coolers and freezers
  • Where high-quality lighting is required or highly desirable
  • Where reliability is highly valued
  • Where high lumen output is required
  • Areas that require lamps to reach full illumination immediately.

Long Lifespan

Experience with using induction lighting at the U.S. Department of Energy's Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) near Carlsbad, New Mexico, has demonstrated the long life in actual usage. WIPP's first induction lighting system was installed in 1998, replacing high-pressure sodium (HPS) lights. More than 10 years later, all but three of the original 36 induction units are still operating after more than 88,000 hours of continuous, 24/7 operation. Additional systems were installed in 2002 and succeeding years, both indoors and outside, with excellent results

Having said that, there are some caveats. One induction bulb's rated life is only 15,000 hours and its output is only 1,100 lumens. It is a self-contained all-in-one screw-in unit that can directly replace a conventional incandescent or compact fluorescent bulb. This bulb targets different applications than those of most other induction lighting systems because of both its lower light output and shorter life. See our About Induction Page for a direct comparison.

Two of the top manufacturers of induction lighting systems have an average rated life of 100,000 hours, including the ballast. Some other manufacturers only rate their ballasts for 60,000 hours, even though the bulb may last longer. Check out the warranties before buying. Some manufacturers offer full five-year warranties on the entire induction lighting system. Others offer shorter warranties on some or all components.

Although they may last 100,000 hours, after 60,000 to 100,000 hours of operation the initial lumen output of many of the induction lighting systems drops to 70%—the point where relamping is often recommended.

Road Induction lamps


Lampshade shell is made of high pressure die casting aluminum, anti-static treatment

The reflector is made of high purity die casting aluminum

Anodized surface, stainless steel fastener, high temperature resistant silicon sealing rubber,

Various color is available.

Benefits and advantages:

Ourinduction lampowns time-life of100,000 hours, so heavily reducing the replacement cost and almost maintenance free.

Convenient to install and easy to use

Our company is a biggest & professional manufacturer focus on Low frequency induction lamp ( warranty 5 years, energy saving 40~50%) & induction fixtures in China, including street lighting, high bay lighting,
flood lighting, tunnel lighting, office lighting, grow lighting, etc.
Advantage of our product--induction lamp:
(Ballast ofinduction lampwith UL,CE,FCC,EMC certificate)
(1) Wide Working temperature range (-40~40°C)
Usually, the working temperature range ofinduction lampmade by most of other factories is -20~40°C. However, ourinduction lampcould work between -40~40°C.
(2) Longer warranty period: 5 years ( lifespan: more than 60,000 hours)
(3)quick start
(4)CRI >80
(5) Instant start, no delay
(6) No glare, no flicker
(7) Effective efficiency:150 Plm/W
(8)Lumen depreciation (%):< 5% (after 2000hrs)
(9) CCT: 2700~6500K

lampadead induzione

lámparas de inducción


lampes à induction

sa tungkulinlamp


Packaging Detail:size:890*350*250
Delivery Detail:25days

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