Hostest DALi Driver with Push Dimming - SR-2804B,SR-2304BEA,SR-2316B,SR-2318B

DALI signal input, have Push Dimming function, 4 channel output, 1 DALI address, Visible digital DALI address, Low voltage - details see:
Place of Origin: Guangdong China (Mainland)Brand Name: Sunricher TechnologyModel Number: SR-2804B,SR-2304BEA,SR-2316B,SR-2318BType: Dali Driver
Max. Load Power: 4 x()96-288WVoltage: 12-36VDCCertificates: CE & RoSHWarranty: 3 years
Protection: Overcurrent protection & over temperature ProtectionInput: dali signal inputcompatible with any Dmaster Dimmers: from internation supplierSpecial Tech: with diming function
Hostest DALi Driver with Push Dimming
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Dali Driver with Push Dimming Function


1. It has 1 dali address, 4 channels output, work synchronously

2. they are compatible with any DALi master dimmers from any internation supplies like OSram, Philips, Lutron ect.

3.It has push dimming function, you can connect a push dimmer to control all of them.

4.Constant Current & constant voltage version optional

SR-2304B 4x5A, SR-2304BEA 4x8A(Constant Current) for led strips

SR-2316B, 4x0.35A , SR-2318B 4x0.7A (constant voltage) for led downlights, led spots ect

Technical Datas:

1 DALI Address, 4 Channels work synchronously with push dimmer function

Part NoInputCurrentOutputLoad TypeDimensions
SR-2304B12-36VDC4*5A4*(60-180)WRegular LED(0.04-0.1W)46*178*18MM
SR-2304BEA12-36VDC4*8A4*(96-288)WRegular LED(0.04-0.1W)58*168*28MM
SR-2316B12-36VDC4*0.35A4*(4.2-12.6)WHigh Power LED(1W)46*178*18MM
SR-2318B12-36VDC4*0.7A4*(8.4-25.2)WHigh Power LED(3W)46*178*18MM

SR-2304B 4x5A

SR-2304BEA 4x8A

SR-2316B 4x0.35A

SR-2318B 4x0.7A




Our Other DALi Dimmable Led Drivers:

4 DALI Addresses ,4 Channels work seperately

SR-2303B, SR-2303BEA, SR-2315B, SR-2317B

Part NoInputCurrentOutputLoad TypeDimensions
SR-2303B12-36VDC4*5A4*(60-180)WRegular LED(0.04-0.1W)46*178*18MM
SR-2303BEA12-36VDC4*8A4*(96-288)WRegular LED(0.04-0.1W)58*168*28MM
SR-2315B12-36VDC4*0.35A4*(4.2-12.6)WHigh Power LED(1W)46*178*18MM
SR-2317B12-36VDC4*0.7A4*(8.4-25.2)WHigh Power LED(3W)46*178*18MM

1 DALI Address, 4 Channels work synchronously

SR-2302B, SR-2302BEA, SR-2312B, SR-2314B

Part NoInputCurrentOutputLoad TypeDimensions
SR-2302B12-36VDC4*5A4*(60-180)WRegular LED(0.04-0.1W)46*178*18MM
SR-2302BEA12-36VDC4*8A4*(96-288)WRegular LED(0.04-0.1W)58*168*28MM
SR-2312B12-36VDC4*0.35A4*(4.2-12.6)WHigh Power LED(1W)46*178*18MM
SR-2314B12-36VDC4*0.7A4*(8.4-25.2)WHigh Power LED(3W)46*178*18MM

Backlight wall Touch Dimmer switch

North American Size

RF Remote Dimmer switch for Single color Led lights

We are the Manufacturer of led controllers and dimmers for 7 years. If you have time, welcome to visit our Factory.

Packaging Detail:Neutral packing, with white box
Delivery Detail:3 to 14 days details please contact me

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