HDG steel street lighting pole - JYPL00031

1.Q235 steel tube, 2.Hot Dip Galvanized, 3.Plastic Powder Painted, 3.Cast iron outdoor light pole, 4.Strong wind resistant - details see: https://www.lightinghere.com/hdg-steel-street-lighting-pole-10000012
Place of Origin: Jiangsu China (Mainland)Brand Name: JingyuanModel Number: JYPL00031Material: Steel
Type: RoundApplication: SquareOther: Less land occupation, low overall cost and easy maintenance 
HDG steel street lighting pole
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Material:high quality Q235 hot rolled steel
Mounting Height:Within 15M
Shape of pole:Round,conical,octagonal,square,mid hinged,polygonal shafts are made of steel sheet that folded into required shape
Brackets:Single or double brackets are in the shape and dimension as per customers requirement
Base plate:Base plate is square or round in shape with slotted holes for anchor bolt and dimension as per customers requirement
Ground mounted:The length buried underground as per customers requirement
Galvanizing:Hot dip galvanization with thickness of 80-100µm average
Powder coating:Plastic powder painting, color is optional
Thickness of bending plate2.5mm-20mm

1.Key Process:

(1)Material Preparation→(2)Bending→(3)Welding→(4)Repair and Grinding→(5)Reforming→(6)Flushing→(7)Fix bottom plate→(8)Welding bottom plate→(9)Opening door→(10)Welding door strip, electric strip, and locking→(11)Bending arm→(12)Hot dip galvanization→(13)Plastic powder painted→(14)Inspection→(15)Shipment

2.Each process:

Material preparation

1)Before cutting the plate, first adjust the inclination to meet with required vertical shears.

2)Fix the position of steel plate, assure maximum excess material.

3)The length is decided when laying up the plate. The size of bottom should not more than ±2mm, but for high mast the tolerance should be plus, usually: 0 to 2m, for small ending, the tolerance should be minus, usually -2 to 0mm. When adjust is ready, the cutting machine will finish cutting.

4) About equipment: check condition of roller shear, clean sundries on the track, maintain good conditions.


The work of bending is the most important process, which will directly influence the quality of pole, and the finished product cannot be repaired. Pay attention to following tips:

1)before bending: remove residues to keep new plate away from damage

2)check the length, width and straightness of plate, the non-straightness should be less than 1/1000, if the non-straightness meets requirement, correct, especially the polygon poles must keep non-straightness.

3)adjust the depth of bending with the bending machine, and confirm the location of plate.

4)Correctly mark line on the plate, the tolerance should be less than ±1mm.

5)Correctly line up and bend to keep min seam, meanwhile the distance between two sides should be less than 5mm.


Weld the seams of bended plate. As it is semi-auto welding ,the welder has more work to do, he should adjust the position of welding and assure straightness of line.

Pole Prodution Flow:

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Packaging Detail:Individual Wrapping with bubble tapes
Delivery Detail:normally two weeks since payment

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