2.4G Wireless DMX512 Transmitter - DA-WD-LCD XMIT

Rang up to 400 meters, 2.4Ghz ISM (2.4-2.525Ghz), Max transmitting power: 20db, 2*8 -bit LCD screen, 16 group ID - details see: https://www.lightinghere.com/2-4g-wireless-dmx512-transmitter-10000331
Place of Origin: Zhejiang China (Mainland)Brand Name: DaanModel Number: DA-WD-LCD XMITType: 2.4G Wireless
Max. Load Power: 6WVoltage: 100-240V  
2.4G Wireless DMX512 Transmitter
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2.4G Wireless DMX 512 Transmitter

LCD XMIT is a full-featured, easy-to-use wireless DMX512 system with 4 user-selectable power levels and 16 automatic or manually selectable channel groups. It can be combined to allow up to 16 DMX512 universes to operate wirelessly in the same location. Plus, thanks to its LCD display, system status and adjustment is straight forward and quick.

* Auto-switching transceiver, is capable of operating as a trasmitter or a receiver

* Transmission without data delay and no packet loss

* 2*8 -bit LCD screen display working status

* High anti-jamming ability. to ensure works reliability

* Two touch button to set different transmitting power and ID

* Supports up to 16 simultaneous DMX512 universes per location (multiple system required)

* Input voltage:12VDC 500mA MIN * Outstanding range up to 400 meters (line-of-sight)

* Transmission band: 2.4Ghz ISM (2.4-2.525Ghz)

* Max transmitting power:20dBm

* Receiver sensitivity:-94dBm

* Signal port:3pin-XLR male and female plug

Packaging Detail:Colored Box
Delivery Detail:5-6 days

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